*Social Hummus is plant-based, preservative-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, kosher, & made with heirloom garbanzo beans from Rancho Gordo.

LA's favorite hummus

Social Hummus is woman owned & led right here in Los Angeles. Our ultra-creamy whipped hummus & crispy za'atar lavash crackers are ethically handcrafted in small batches.

*Warning: Eating this hummus may ruin all other hummus for you. You will likely experience extreme yearning for more...and often.

Stay connected for future drops & chef collabs where we push culinary boundaries & donate profits to social justice-related charities.

Based on the shared communal experience of eating hummus, we believe in the power of sustainable communities, while emphasizing the intersection of philanthropy, food, art & design.


Social Hummus & Za'atar Lavash Crackers are now available for purchase at select locations across LA:

Pickup the creamiest hummus in the game at the cutest grocers in the game. And don't forget to get extra crackers...you know you'll want them!

Wine + Eggs (Atwater Village)

Botanica (Silverlake)

Psychic Wines (Silverlake)

LA Homefarm (Glassel Park/Eagle Rock)

Altadena Beverage + Market (Pasadena)

Vin on Rose (Venice)

Layla Bagel (Santa Monica)

The Salt Horse (Laguna Beach)

*Fresh products are delivered weekly on Thursdays and sell out fast! **Selection at individual stores may vary

Why is this hummus different from all other hummus?

Unlike traditional store-bought hummus, Social Hummus is made from only whole food ingredients. It's preservative-free, uses heirloom chickpeas from a sustainable local farm *Rancho Gordo* & high quality Ethiopian tahini. Not only is this the best hummus you’ll ever taste, it is the first & only hummus delivery to provide an interactive & feel-good shared experience.

Social hummus has been described as luxurious & creamy, with a unique, silky, mousse-like texture. The introduction of reputable chef collaborations allows for infinite, elevated, and exciting flavor possibilities.


Social Hummus is a humanitarian organization, recognizing all humans, regardless of race, religion, gender & background. Please feel free to reach out to us to have a conversation or raise a topic. We just ask that you do so with respect, openness, and inclusivity.