Menu: March 2021

1. Chinese Black Bean Hummus - A unique twist on traditional flavors. Fermented black beans & ginger, folded with roasted garlic puree. Topped with a stir-fried mix of black bean, minced scallion & red chili pepper, for some subtle heat. Created by featured Chef John Liu of Chifa restaurant. 

2. Yuzu, Honey & Black Sesame Swirl - A truly perfect sweet-savory combo. Black tahini swirled with hints of sweet honey and tangy yuzu (Asian citrus). Topped with bee pollen granules and honeycomb! So pretty you might not want to eat it *possible bee allergies

3. "OG" Social Hummus - Our signature  “classic” flavor, decadently creamy with citrusy, nutty tones.  

+ 1 bag of Za'atar Lavash Crackers - perfect for dipping. 

1 Asian Rice Pop Cracker (Bonus with TRIO purchase) - for dipping and snacking.