Chef: Nini Rostoker-Shipman (my mom!)

Chef: The special 2020 Holiday Limited Edition featured Chef is Nini Rostoker-Shipman (my mom!). Raised in Canada by first generation French-Jewish immigrants, Nini learned at a young age, what ingredients went well together. Her parents cooked traditional food from France, with an experimental flare, and in their later years avidly salmon fished, and tended a large farm. Nini is a master of impromptu feasts, inclusive gatherings, and improv in the kitchen. Her cooking is eclectic, creative, experimental, and highly intuitive - often combining Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Asian, and local flavors. I truly learned everything I know about cooking, hosting, and creativity from her!

Charity: Based on the mother-daughter connection, we have chosen to give net proceeds from this edition's sales to Downtown Women’s Center the only organizationin LA, focused on serving and empowering homelessness and formerly homelesswomen.

Hummus Flavor: Rosemary Pomegranate Spice - Tart pomegranate with hints of cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg & orange. Infused with rosemary for savory balance & topped with Persian barberries. A true holiday hit list treat.